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General information

SQLiteTransfer is an utility program for transferring few MS SQL Server, Oracle or ODBC connected database tables to a SQLite file-based database. It's needed in cases where only a small percentage of the total database is needed for data conversions (f.e. Fixed Assets in multi-purpose GL database) and the main database is huge and therefore hard to transfer. It transfers data to a SQLite flat file database(s) and can transfer multiple databases at one go. I've got 99.9% savings in the amount of data needed to be transferred using this utility.

The actual conversion is done using the SQLite database as a source, not the original MS SQL Server or Oracle database.



The source database (MS SQL Server, Oracle,etc.) that you want to export data from.

  • Driver : FB=Firebird, MSSQL = MS SQL Server, Ora = Oracle, SQLite = SQLite file-based database (usually the target), ODBC = any ODBC-based database. If you use firebird-databases, you need to copy the fbclient.dll - file from \program files\firebird\firebird_x_y\bin - folder to SQLiteTransfer folder.
  • Server : Server name (if driver needs it)
  • Database : Database name (if driver needs it)
  • Trusted Connection : use AD trusted connection for MS SQL Server
  • User/Password : User name and password (if driver needs it)
  • Test : press to test connectivity


The target database. This is usually SQLite - file based database. Write file name on database.

  • Create database : Creates the database if it doesn't exists. (for SQLite).


You can transfer data from multiple databases at once. In this case the target database name will change to match the source database (a file in the same folder as specified in the 'target'->'database' - field). If you only transfer data from one database, you can leave this blank.


Names of the tables to transfer from source to target.

Transfer data from source to target DB

Press this button to start the transfer.


You can download the program from :

The download .zip - file contains only the bare SQLiteTransfer.exe - file. No separate installation is needed. The program file is signed with 256 bit software signing certificate.

Feel free to use this program. It's provided as is without any additional documentation or support.

Reading data from SQLite database

The data can be read using SQLite v3 ODBC driver.


  • 04.07.2015 version 0.8.
  • 14.11.2017 version 0.9. Added source 'ODBC DNS name' - field.
  • 15.11.2017 version 0.95. Now shows name of the database table being transferred. Added preliminary support for LONGVARCHAR (just converts it to VARCHAR(240), but for SQLite the field length doesn't matter so all data should be transferred).
  • 07.09.2019 version 0.98. BIGINT - datatype is now converted to VARCHAR(20) (BIGINT caused problems on transfer) and field names with #-characters are now skipped (as '#' in name caused problems in transfer)
  • 21.08.2020 version 0.99 Added support for field names with special characters (#,space). Those characters are now ignored.
  • 20.05.2021 version 1.01 Added separate 64-bit version for 64-bit ODBC driver support.